How To Use Hashtags For Instagram 2021

Hey guys, it’s Mohit here from In today’s post, we’re going to be talking about Instagram hashtags. Yes, that annoying little thing that sometimes works sometimes doesn’t and could even cause you to be banned by Instagram when used, right? Hashtags can drastically increase the reach of your posts, your overall impressions and your engagement, but when used incorrectly, they can take up valuable space on your posts, lead spam bots to your feed and make you look like an amateur. So let’s get into it. I’m going to share with you six different hashtag tips you can implement today.

  1. Number one, do not use super popular hashtags. Bigger is not better when it comes to Instagram Hashtags. Content is added to hashtags in chronological order. So if a hashtag is extremely popular, meaning it has more than 1 million posts associated with it, content is being added to it every second, giving your content a minuscule chance of being seen by anyone. So instead of using the most popular hashtags because you think it will bring you the most traffic, use hashtags that have no more than 500,000 posts. This number is the sweet spot for many as it’s busy but not overpopulated.
  2. Number two, don’t use irrelevant hashtags. This is a massive mistake. I see so many people making. Using hashtags like love and happy on your posts will not bring you the engagement or traffic you want. Those words may describe your image, but they are not relevant to your account and they’re probably way too popular when using hashtags. You want to make sure that they are specific to your content and the focus of your account. Meaning if I share social media tips, I want to use social media related hashtags. Hashtag love is not going to attract someone to my feed who’s interested in my social media services, right? Always think logically when it comes to hashtags and consider where does my content fit within this tag.
  3. Number three, don’t use hashtags that contain industry jargon. Using words and terms only an expert would be familiar with is a surefire way to attract your competitors and not your target market. You need to really get inside the head of your target market and ask yourself what would they search for if they were looking for my service. For example, if I was looking for a graphic designer, I might search logo design but I wouldn’t search Adobe illustrator. Adobe illustrator is a program that is familiar to the graphic designer, but someone with no design knowledge, he came most likely your target market is not going to know about illustrator and therefore would never search for it on Instagram.
  4. Number four, but conduct hashtag research. Don’t try to come up with hashtags right before publishing a post. When you do this, you rush the process, choose hashtags haphazardly and will likely end up with dismal reach and impressions and said, set aside 30 minutes or so to actually conduct some quality hashtag research. This is something you only need to do once every month or so and it will pay off massively. I teach my exact hashtag research strategies in my program, the Instagram Ivy league, but I will give you a sneak peak into my methods here today as well. First, almost all hashtag research can be conducted within the native Instagram app. However, there are a couple additional tools you can use to help speed up the process. I’ve been using later for years now and always recommend it to my students. It’s interface is extremely easy to use and it has all the features any beginner to advanced Instagrammer would want. For example, I can easily bulk upload my photos. Look for the pink slot on my schedule that tells me when the best time to post is drag over an image, edit my photo, add my caption tag accounts at my location, and even schedule my first comment. This is where you’ll notice this little button that says hashtag suggestions. If you click on that, later will open a new window that helps find relevant hashtags. You can instantly add to your post or simply collect and save for later. To do this, type in a keyword that relates to the focus of your account. For me, that’s Instagram tips. From here later suggests a bunch of tags that are relevant to the keyword I typed in. It shows me how many posts each tag has (remember that part is super important!) And allows me to select them by clicking the check Mark icon. Once I’ve selected a handful of hashtags that meet my criteria, I select the insert button and they automatically paste into my caption or my first comment. I can then repeat the process with a new keyword until I found 30 hashtags from here.I can click the saved captions button, give the set of tags a name and then instantly input them into any new posts I schedule in the future. Now this is just one of many things that later can do to help simplify your Instagram efforts. So I highly suggest you check it out for yourself. So go ahead, click that link and you can thank me later, no pun intended. So that’s one quick way to collect Instagram hashtags. And now I want to show you how you can do it inside of Instagram. So go ahead and open the app, navigate to the explore page, then make sure tags is selected. Then type in a keyword. This time I’ll do fitness. Instagram will then generate a list of relevant hashtags just like later did. From here you want to choose a hashtag that we can then use as our anchor point. So right off the bat, all of these at the top of the list are way too big. So I’m going to keep scrolling until I find something that falls under 500 K. Then I’m going to select it from here. I would write down this tag in my notepad. Then you’re going to take a look at the additional hashtags that are appearing under the follow button. From here, you can quickly tap on one check its size, and if it meets our criteria, you can add it to your list. Every new tag you visit will have its own set of suggested tags so you can browse endlessly within your unique niche to find hundreds of targeted hashtags.
  5. Number five, use 30 hashtags. This is likely the most controversial topic when it comes to Instagram. Hashtags. How many should we actually use? I’ve been teaching Instagram marketing for over five years now and my stance on this has never changed. Use all 30 using any less is just a waste. Why would you purposely limit your ability to expand the reach of your posts? That’s why you’re here, right? Because you want to get more reach and more followers. The idea that using less hashtags will equal more reach is not logical. Now, having said that, there are 100% things that you can do that will make your hashtags on Instagram not work even though you’re using 30 and the main one is using the same 30 hashtags on every single post. This is the fastest way to trigger Instagram spam filter and have your reach squashed. The fact you used 30 is not what ruined your reach. It’s the reusing of the same tags on all of your posts that did, which brings me to my next point.
  6. Number six, create multiple sets of hashtags and cycle through them. When conducting your research, you want to collect as many tags as possible that aren’t too popular and are descriptive of your account. You’ll then want to split them into sets of 30 if you have multiple topics that your account focuses on, you can easily separate them by topic. If you have just one focus, then you can randomly divide them into sets of 30 from there you will cycle them on your posts. The hashtags you use on your Monday posts should be different than the ones you use on your Tuesday post. Another thing we can do is delete our hashtags. After a few days you aren’t likely getting traffic from those hashtags anymore, so it’s best to just remove them.

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